As a Corporate Member members receive:

  • Membership for up to three persons from your organization
  • One half day of free consulting from IIAM per year.
  • Use of your organization’s affiliation with IIAM for purposes of proposal preparation or promotional materials.
  • Opportunities to contract with IIAM for the provision of services consistent with IIAM’s non-profit status.
  • Discounts on all courses and workshops offered by the Institute.

  • As an Individual/Professional Member you will receive:
  • Notice of professional development opportunities through research projects at the Institute.
  • Discounts on all courses and workshops offered by the Institute.
  • Student Membership is awarded in exchange for twenty (20) hours of service to the Institute.

  • Students from all disciplines are invited to become members in exchange for twenty hours of internship service to the Institute. We invite students to submit their letter of interest along with their resumes for our consideration.

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    The mission of MuniSkies™ is to make significant contributions in the domains of Digital Society and SmartCities through programs that build new technologies to address municipal needs, encompass social and professional life, and interactions with the ecosystem and the environment.


    The Global Institute for Infrastructure Asset Management is the international division of IIAM. A professional organization dedicated to serving the needs of all industries concerned with Infrastructure Asset Management services, research and technology development, gIIAM was formed as an international knowledge center on all types of infrastructure assets. gIIAM and its select member organizations and firms offer solutions that advance the cost effective preservation and renewal of civil infrastructure systems worldwide. Contact Us for More Information.

    IIAM Malaysia

    gIIAM is currently in the progress of entering Infrastructure Enviro-Water Management (IEWM) as a Licensed Representative in Malaysia to execute essential functions using the brand name “IIAM-Malaysia.” IEWM SDN.BHD, located in Selangor D.E. Malaysia. is a private company involved in providing skill development and technical training courses, project management services, collaborative research and development and consultancy services to the public and private sectors in Malaysia as well as other Asias regions.


    The Institute of Infrastructure Asset Management (IIAM) is proud to announce the launching of InfraLearning™, a pioneering distance learning program concerned with all aspects of Infrastructure Asset Management and available worldwide. Documents will become available at in order to provide resources and additional information about the instructional technology we use, the technical support we provide, and the IT system we use to effectively deliver our courseware anywhere in the world.