Who We Are

The Institute was formed in 1998 as an outgrowth of academic research and related activities. Several practical minded faculty members of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute teamed up with industrial leaders and former government personnel to create a unique new entity to serve the transportation industry. IIAM has proven to be a flexible, capable organization with a consistent record of successful service. Initiatives are currently underway to expand IIAM’s presence across the US. The San Diego office opened in early 2001, and works closely with IIAM headquarters in upstate New York.

The IIAM team includes individuals with extensive experience in the practical aspects of training field personnel, as well as in the daily operation and management of transportation agencies. IIAM can call on additional personnel as needed for expertise in budget and finance, capital programming, scheduling, and budgeting, program planning, and other pertinent areas. We understand well the important role of politics, communication, and leadership, as key members of our staff have served as chief engineers, assistant commissioners, executives, etc., of transportation agencies.


  • Conduct studies and provide program evaluation and support
  • Provide customized workshops and training sessions
  • Develop and facilitate the development of new products and services
  • Mission

    The mission of IIAM encompasses research, development, consulting, and educational services to maximize the efficient use of engineering assets and physical infrastructure. IIAM works toward the common interests of government, private industry, and academia in achieving useful tools, productive technologies, and practical programs. The Institute’s nonprofit status and breadth of available professional expertise make it uniquely qualified to provide cost effective, objective technology transfer aimed at these goals.